Short Programme

8.30-9.00 Registration and Welcome Coffee Lecture Theatre (HG19 – Hatchcroft building)
9.00-10.00 Plenary Session with Crystal Abidin (Jönköping University): Tap that, Hack that, Map that: Economies, Cultures, and Materialites of Instagram Lecture Theatre (HG19 – Hatchcroft building)
10.00-11.30 Parallel Session I

Sessions: 7, 13, 5, 12

College Building

Rooms: C114, CG41, CG51, HG19

11.30-11.45 Coffee Break College Building

Rooms: C114, CG41, CG51

11.45-13.00 Parallel Session II

Sessions: 3, 1, 10

College Building

Rooms: C114, CG41, CG51,

13.00-14.00 Lunch College Building Mezzanine (The Quad)
14.00-15.00 Plenary Session with Richard Rogers: Otherwise engaged: Social Media from vanity metrics to critical analytics (University of Amsterdam) Lecture Theatre (HG19 – Hatchcroft building)
15.00-16.30 Parallel Session III

Sessions: 2, 11, 6

College Building

Rooms: C114, CG41, CG51,

16.30-16.45 Coffee Break College Building

Rooms: C114, CG41, CG51

16.45-18.00 Parallel Session IV

Sessions: 4, 8, 9

College Building

Rooms: C114, CG41, CG51

18.00-18.30 Conclusion. Debating with Adam Arvidsson:  Branded Moments on Instagram (University of Naples) Lecture Theatre (HG19 – Hatchcroft building)


Session 1. #instapopulations: Diaspora, Marginalization & Migrants

Time and Place: 11.45-13.00, Room: CG41

Chair: James Graham, Middlesex University London

Ana Garner (City University of Hong Kong) Narratives from abroad: the construction and performance of the self on Instagram
Maitrayee Basu (Middlesex University London) Kyun Photo Le Rahe Ho? (Why are you taking a photo?)”: Instagramming the Indian Marginalised
Neema Githere (Yale University) Time-Traveling Desire and Reservoir Knowledge’ in the #DigitalDiaspora: the Healing Aesthetics of Afropresentism on Instagram


Session 2. #instapolitics: Politics and the Politics of the Platform

Time and Place: 15.00-16.30, Room: C114

Chair: Chamil Rathnayake, University of Strathclyde

Terry L. Towner (Oakland University) & Caroline Lego Muñoz (University of North Georgia) Instagramming Issues: Agenda Setting during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign
Tim Highfield (University of Amsterdam) Insta-timelessness: The algorithmic now, then, and when on Instagram
John D. Boy & Justus Uitemark (University of Amsterdam) Everyday life in an Instagram World: Status, Space and Social Media in Amsterdam
Janna Joceli Omena (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), André Mintz (Federal University of Minas Gerais) & Elaine Teixeira Rabello (State University of

Rio de Janeiro)

Hashtags are not the whole message: Approaching Hashtag Engagement Research


Session 3. #instabrands: Brands, Branding & Self-branding

Time and Place: 11.45-13.00, Room: C114

Chair: Alessandro Gandini, King’s College London

Stephanie Kogler & Philipp K. Wegerer (University of Innsbruck) Creating Brand Reputation: How Employees Express Their Brand in Social Media Networks
Loes van Driel (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Selling brands while staying ‘authentic’: The manufactured authenticity of Instagram influencers
Stephanie Kogler & Jonathan D.Schöps (University of Innsbruck) (De-)stabilizing the digitized fashion market on Instagram – dynamics of visual performative assemblages


 Session 4: #instajournalism: Journalism & Photojournalism

Time and Place: 16.45-18.00, Room: C114

Chair: Maja Simunjak, Middlesex University London

Georgeta Drula (University of Bucharest) Instagram as platform to capitalize the photo-journalists’ or freelancers’ work
Sini Kaipainen (Aalto University, Helsinki) Identity manifestations of photojournalist in the age of visual social media: How Linsey Addario uses intimate public sphere of Instagram
Guido Anselmi, Sergio Splendore & Marta Chiesi (University of Milano) Instagram and journalism: expanding journalistic boundaries but eroding national journalistic cultures


Session 5. #instaconsumption: Identity & Consumption

Time and Place: 10.00-11.30, Room: CG51

Chair: Philipp K. Wegerer, University of Innsbruck

Nicola  Bozzi (University of Salford, Manchester) #solotravelers and #digitalnomads: a cultural critique of the traveling entrepreneur on Instagram
Alessandro Gandini (King’s College London) Influencers, the digital ‘leisure class’
Konstantinos Theodoridis (Manchester Metropolitan University) There is no crisis on Instagram’: Negotiating young people’s identities in an age of uncertainty
Jonathan D.Schöps (University of Innsbruck) Consuming Commodified Selves – Accelerated Identity Co-Construction Dynamics Through Fashion Performances on Instagram


Session 6. #instaimaginaries: Memory, Imaginary & Arts

Time and Place: 15.00-16.30 , Room: CG51

Chair: Irida Ntalla, Middlesex University London

Giovanna Casimiro (University of São Paulo) & Tatiana Tosi (The Getulio Vargas Foundation) Museum of the Others – the self-heritage
Sandra Camacho (University of Lisbon) Daniel Blaufuks’s Attempting Exhaustion, or sharing a window on Instagram
Bruna Angélica Pelicioli Riboldi (University of Minho) More than words: Instagram as a technology of the urban imaginary
Karen Cross (University of Roehampton) Artistic reproduction, the revival of time and the liveness of social images


 Session 7. #instabodies: Body, Stigma & Surveillance

Time and Place: 10.00-11.30 , Room: C114

Chair: Mari Lehto, University of Turku

Herminder Kaur (Middlesex University London) Struggles to Overcome Bodily Stigma on Social Networking Sites
Louise Ryan (University of Limerick) Constantly varied dysfunctional fitness: exploring the hyper reality of ‘Insta-famous’ CrossFit athletes
Rachael Kent (King’s College London) Instagram: Surveillance and Representation of the Moral ‘Healthy’ Body
Lucia Bainotti (University of Turin) The #bodypositivity movement: Disclosure, Empowerment and Subversion?


Session 8. #instamethods: Methods & Techniques

Time and Place: 16.45-18.00, Room: CG41

Chair: Alessandro Caliandro, Middlesex University London

Alexandra Boutopoulou (University of Sheffield), Farida Vis (Manchester

School of Art) & Hannah Guy (University of Sheffield)

An innovative approach for studying single Instagram accounts

over time (and moving beyond API roadblocks)

Chamil Rathnayake (University of Strathclyde), Irida Ntalla (Middlesex University London) & Alejandro Abraham Hamanoiel Rodriguz (Middlesex University London) Sociotechnical enactment of visual complexity: An automated image analysis perspective on Instagram hashtags
Gemma San Cornelio, Antoni Roig & Elisenda Ardèvol (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) Methodological challenges in data analysis and visualisation: notes on mixed methods research on Instagram


Session 9. #instastories: Narratives, Stories & Intimacy

Time and Place: 16.45-18.00, Room: CG51

Chair: James Graham, Middlesex University London

Ally McCrow-Young (University of Copenhagen) Food pics, dogs and domesticity: The chaotic mundanity of trauma on Instagram following the 2017 Manchester Arena attack
Ludmila Lupinacci Amaral (London School of Economics and Political Science) Liveness beyond Live video:
Immediacy and presence on Instagram Stories


 Session 10. #instabody: Body, Femininity & Sexuality

Time and Place: 11.45-13.00, Room: CG51

Chair: Herminder Kaur, Middlesex University London

Sofia P. Caldeira, Sander De Ridder & Sofie Van Bauwel (Ghent University) Between the banal and the political: a qualitative textual analysis of women’s photographic self-representation on Instagram
Mari Lehto (University of Turku) Hashtag Lactivism: A Conflict Over Public Breastfeeding on Instagram
Jenna Drenten (Loyola University Chicago), Lauren Gurrieri (RMIT University) & Meagan Tyler (RMIT University) Instagram Prosumers and the Rise of a Hashtaggable Porn Chic Aesthetic


Session 11. #instamethods: Ethnography

Time and Place: 15.00-16.30, Room: CG41

Chair: Alessandro Caliandro, Middlesex University London

Pilar Lacasa (The University of Alcalá), Julián de la Fuente (European University, Madrid  and the University of Alcalá), Sara Cortés (University of Alcalá) & Rut Martiìnez-Borda (University of Alcalá) Teenager fans practices on Instagram. Methodological challenges for digital ethnographers
Elisa Serafinelli (University of Sheffield) Networked Memories on Instagram
Lauren Milor (University of Leeds) Using online and offline ethnographic practices to (re)consider the embodied Instagram user
Tauheed Ramjaun (Bournemouth University) How can we better understand the #zerowaste lifestyle trend through Instagram?


Session 12. #instaresearch: Ethics, Identity & Power (Virtual Session with Australian Scholars)

Time and Place: 10.00-11.30, Room: HG19

Chair: Tim Highfield, University of Amsterdam

Kyle Budge (Western Sidney University) Ethics, Identity & Agency-related Matters
Lachlan MacDowall (University of Melbourne) Researching Graffiti on Instagram
Adam Suess (Griffith University) Ethics in Instagram Research
Nicholas Carah (The University of Queensland) Algorithmic Brands


Session 13. #instaopen: Mixed Session

Time and Place: 10.00-11.30, Room: CG41

Chair: Alejandro Abraham Hamanoiel Rodriguz, Middlesex University London

Hela Hassen (University of Leicester) Social exchanges in digital media
Jussara Rowland & Rita Correia (Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa) Involved fatherhood on Instagram: an exploratory qualitative analysis of visual discourses of Instadads
Tianyang Zhou & Han Tao (University of Sussex) ‘Making’ Chinese Gay Internet Celebrity: On and Beyond Instagram


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